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Accurate diagnosis (DX) codes and hierarchical condition category (HCC) documentation is essential in healthcare risk adjustment for reimbursement, patient care planning, quality improvement, population health management, and research/public health purposes. It ensures that healthcare organizations receive appropriate reimbursement, supports effective care delivery, drives quality improvement initiatives, enables targeted population health interventions, and contributes to medical research and public health initiatives.
RAAPID unlocks

RAAPID unlocks Data Insights Efficiencies  Decision Making

RAAPID unlocks

Data Insights Efficiencies  Decision Making

Trapped within Unstructured Data

We are Reimagining Value Based Care and Risk Adjustment with our Decade old Tested & Trusted AI technology platform by

Our AI makes human interventions smarter by automating manual processes so they can focus on what matters:

RAAPID’s Risk Adjustment Toolbox

Modern AI-Powered Risk Adjustment Solution Provider

RAAPID’s NLP Platform is an AI-based technology that process the ingested raw patient data “ – both unstructured and structured format – ” from multiple sources and transforms them into a usable form. Our NLP platform helps to identify risk, improve quality of care, close gaps, and focus on financial performance.

Modern AI-Powered Risk Adjustment Solution Provider

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