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Clinical Chart Review Traditional vs RAAPID

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Clinical Chart Review: Traditional vs RAAPID.AI

In a recent study by MarketsandMarkets conducted to understand the advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare market, AI is estimated to reach $67.4 billion by 2027. ¹

Have you adopted an AI-Enabled Risk Adjustment solution for your medical chart reviews?
Are you still dependent on multiple codebooks and performing a time-consuming manual chart review workflow?

This infographic with comparative analysis will highlight key areas of a medical chart review and how AI is helping the transformation to Value-Based Care.

Infographics Clinical Chart Review Traditional vs RAAPID 1





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Disclaimer: All the information, views, and opinions expressed in this blog are inspired by Healthcare IT industry trends, guidelines, and their respective web sources and are aligned with the technology innovation, products, and solutions that RAAPID offers to the Risk adjustment market space in the US.