HCC Sage: Prospective Previsit Risk Adjustment Solution for Clinical Teams

Leverage AI & NLP to enhance care, optimize risk capture, and alleviate administrative burdens

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Accurate & Scalable Chart Review for Clinical Teams

In the modern healthcare landscape, the demands on primary care clinicians are escalating, often leading to burnout and decreased patient satisfaction. Amidst these challenges, HCC SAGE emerges as a beacon of innovation designed to streamline prospective pre-visit risk adjustment solutions

RAAPID‘s HCC Sage is an AI Powered Prospective Previsit Solution that uses NLP to analyze patients’ 360-degree longitudinal data, including charts, claims, lab reports, and pharmacy records, to identify chronic conditions and provide supporting MEAT evidence. It integrates seamlessly with Electronic Health Records (EHR) to ensure a smooth, accurate chart review process. As a result, clinicians can spend more quality time with patients, addressing their needs thoroughly rather than being entangled in administrative chores.


Your ICD-10-CM Code Care Gap Analysis Technology for VBC Risk Adjustment

Top Challenges Faced by Physicians, Nurses, and Administration Staff

Time Consumption


Traditional chart reviews can inefficiently use valuable time, often requiring hours of manual labor.

Training and Skill

Training and Skill

The need for more skilled nurses for chart review can lead to errors, exacerbating the administrative burden.

Quality of Care

Quality of Care

The cumbersome administrative tasks divert attention from patient care, potentially compromising the quality of healthcare delivery.

Data Overload

Data Overload

The overwhelming amount of data within EHRs can contribute to stress and burnout among physicians, nurses, and admin staff.

Introducing HCC SAGE: How it Works


Core Features

EHR Integration

Easily integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHR), to effectively review 360-degree longitudinal data, including charts, claims, lab reports, pharmacy records, and more.

EHR Integration
diagnosis code

Recapture Existing Chronic Conditions

Rediscover and manage known chronic conditions with precision and ease.

Suspect Care Gaps

Bridge the informational silos between past and present patient data, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Suspect Care Gaps
Early Detection of Emerging Chronic Conditions

Early Detection of Emerging Chronic Conditions

Stay ahead with HCC SAGE’s ability to flag potential chronic conditions, enabling timely intervention by physicians.

Justification & Filtering with Evidence

HCC SAGE allows justification with evidence and customized filtering options.

Justification and Filtering with Evidence

Advantages of HCC SAGE

Time Saving


Slash chart review time by 60%, thanks to the AI/NLP-powered human-in-the-loop within an EHR-integrated workflow.

Reduced Burnout

Reduced Burnout

Minimize the administrative stress on your clinical teams, creating a conducive environment for quality care.

Elevated Care Quality

Elevated Care Quality

Analyze 360-degree longitudinal data, addressing care gaps and enhancing patient care experience.

Increase RAF Score

Increase RAF Score

By accurately capturing and documenting diagnosis codes, optimize the Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) score, which leads to optimized Medicare reimbursement.

Make the Most out of RAAPID’s AI Risk Adjustment Technology

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Data Use Security Measures

Security | Compliance | Platform Partners


SOC 2® Type 2

Ensure patient data security, availability, confidentiality, privacy, and processing integrity.

HIPAA Compliant


Individuals' health information is properly protected while allowing the flow of it needed to provide and promote high-quality health care.


Platform Partners

Advanced security features such as encryption and firewalls to protect patient data from unauthorized access or cyber-attacks.

Client Testimonials

FAQs related to HCC SAGE Prospective Previsit Solution

HCC SAGE is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing EHR system, enhancing its functionality without disrupting current workflows.

HCC SAGE employs a robust blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ensure accurate and efficient chart review.

Automating the review of charts, claims, lab reports, pharmacy records, and more.  HCC SAGE significantly reduces administrative workload, allowing clinicians to focus more on patient care and less on tedious tasks.

HCC SAGE accurately identifies and recaptures existing conditions and suspects care gaps and overlooked chronic conditions, which assists in optimizing Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores.

To provide a comprehensive pre-visit risk assessment, HCC SAGE analyzes 360-degree longitudinal data, including charts, claims, lab reports, pharmacy records, and more.

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