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Exit Interview Questions You Must Ask

3 Exit Interview Questions You Must Ask

An interview conducted by a Human Resource (HR) professional determines that they are filling a job vacancy with the right skilled worker at the right time. However, an exit interview can determine the overall growth rate of the organization and employee retention strategy with time.

Does your organization perform an exit interview?

If not, your organization can lose an immense opportunity on the table to understand the major reasons why an employee is leaving the company.

Some individuals may leave due to personal reasons however, many do have a valid point that can help you as an HR ensure the best retention rates for your growing organization.

A resignation letter will surely have a reason mentioned by an employee for the exit, however, a one-on-one session can lead to utmost transparency and allow one more chance for the employee to rethink the decision.

In this article, we will discuss on three best exit interview questions that can help you optimize your employee growth strategies, or retain the existing ones.

Let’s begin:

1. Was there a gap in the process or something personal

This can be one of the foremost exit interview questions you as an HR professional would like to ask the employee in concern. If it’s a personal reason that led the employee put down the papers, then you may have nothing much to say, however, if the reason relates to a process glitch, like a clash of knowledge between the employee and reporting manager, or the boss, then you would like to know the reasons or incidents that led the employee take action. This way you can buy time from the employee and connect with the manager or the boss to discuss further, instead of accepting the resignation on the go.

Modern workforce prefers to work with organizations, reporting managers, and bosses that allow them to perform tasks based on their knowledge and the ever-changing trends per job role. For example, a digital marketer would like to act as per the latest updates shared by Google and not based on limited knowledge.

2. Is the reason for resignation related to their existing job profile, job hours, salary, or increment?

From the many reasons of an exit, an employee who decides to quit due to an unsatisfactory job profile, inflexibility in job hours, or even unhappiness with the existing salary or the increment, can be retained by addressing their concern during the exit interview.

For example, if an employee decides to quit due to rigid job hours, can be offered flexibility by allowing them a hybrid/remote work model which allows them to work from home (WFH) ensuring they maintain a work-life balance.

Low pay was the number one major reason for quitting a job in 2022, in the United States.

If the reason relates to the employee’s existing job profile, salary, or increment structure then you as an HR professional may want to connect with the employee’s reporting manager and even the boss to discuss the same.

An employee would not like to stick to the same job profile for more than three years and would look for growth, whether offered within one organization, or another.

3. Would you like to be a part of our organization in the future, in the case of personal reasons exit request?

Last, you would like to keep a long-term relationship with employees who have been with your organization for a year, irrelevant of the reason they have mentioned. With the increasing number of start-ups and companies emerging day after day, employees have tremendous opportunities to take risk of quitting an organization, however, you as an HR professional should leave no room in retaining the employee or building relationships with the employee who could be a help to an organization during a shortage in staff, if not as a full-timer, then as a freelancer, to ensure the business is running.

Ending note

An exit interview in person is an ideal way of communication, but many organizations overlook its importance of it. Also, if any employee is unavailable to attend the one-on-one exit interview session, then you would want to send exit interview questions through an online form and encourage the employee to offer input at their convenience.

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