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Outsource HCC Medical Coding Services In the US

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Benefits of Outsourcing HCC Medical Coding Services to a Technology Solution Provider

Are you preparing for the upcoming 2023 Mid-Year risk adjustment data submission? Are you worried about handling the increasing number of hierarchical condition category (HCC) medical coding tasks (e.g. chart review & audit) within tight deadlines?

With the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) holding insurers accountable,¹ in the Medicare Advantage (MA) Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV) final rule, all in an effort to protect Medicare and strengthen the MA program, are you still confused about the idea of outsourcing your HCC medical coding services?

In the blog, we will read about how outsourcing HCC medical coding services can help MA organizations ensure accurate and in-time data submission to the CMS.

Let’s take look at ideal scenarios that can tell when to outsource your HCC Risk Adjustment Coding Services:

  • Is your in-house or existing vendor’s coder’s strength inadequate to manage the increasing volume of patient charts flowing in for review & audits?
  • Unable to afford an onboarding turnaround timeframe for getting started with HCC Coding Solution within the tight deadlines for submitting risk adjustment data to the CMS?
  • Are you looking for a first-level and second-level patient chart review to withstand RADV audits?

Why choose HCC Risk Adjustment Technology Solution Provider to Outsource your MA organization’s Medical Coding Services

Partner with certified coders

Considering the FY 2023 ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting, it may take time for any risk adjustment coder to adapt to the updates and may require training. Furthermore, the increasing volume of patient charts for review and audit enforced on your existing coder’s strength may hamper the coding efficiency, which in turn, may lead to coding inaccuracy.

An NLP-powered HCC Coding Solution Provider will ensure their in-house coders perform the chart review and audit tasks using the latest technology that is already helping MA organizations to improve the precision of risk adjustment data before submitting it to CMS.

In addition, by outsourcing your HCC Coding Services to a Risk Adjustment (RA) Solution Provider you can rest assured of partnering with certified HCC coders who are well-versed in using the latest chart review and chart audit technologies, which have been built by coders for coders.

This way, you can ensure more patient chart reviews in less time with utmost accuracy.

Save cost in hiring and training HCC coders

Considering the increasing number of patient chart review tasks and in order to cope with the upcoming deadline for submitting risk adjustment data for use in risk score calculation runs for payment years 2023, and 2024, you may think of adding more coders in your organization. However, the time utilized for training coders may mount their overall time spent on the patient chart review and audit tasks, leading to missing the deadline.

Outsourcing your HCC coding services to an RA technology coding solution provider will eliminate the cost and effort utilized for hiring and training new coders. In addition, you can ensure your MA organization’s patient chart review and audit tasks are performed by certified HCC coders who have already worked on the risk adjustment tasks for multiple-sized MA organizations. The coders constantly keep themselves updated with the ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines of Coding and Reporting to improve accuracy and can help your MA organization withstand Risk Adjustment Data Validation audits conducted by CMS.

This way, you can also improve the revenue cycle of your MA organization.

RAAPID, an HCC Medical Coding Solutions Provider in the US, is here to fill the gap of MA organizations either stuck in their decision-making of switching to an altogether new technology platform, or looking for a new HCC Coding Service vendor, to meet the deadline for submitting risk adjustment data for use in risk score calculation runs for payment years 2023, and 2024.

Get started by outsourcing a few patient charts and expand your HCC Coding Services’ requirement with the experience you get. Contact us.

Please note: RAAPID is primarily a Tech-enabled HCC Coding Solution Provider, and is not limited to offering Coding Services.




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