NLP-driven Clinical Decision Support Solutions

Ensure seamless extraction of patient history and conditions in one place for improved care decision-making

Clinical Decision Support

Healthcare NLP Technology as a Clinical Decision Support Tool

Harnessing the power of advanced NLP technology, our platform serves as a valuable resource to enhance clinical decision-making processes. From rapidly sifting through vast medical literature to extracting crucial insights from patient records, our solutions are designed to streamline the information-gathering process, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and more efficient healthcare practices.

Join us in exploring the synergy between healthcare and NLP, as we delve into the myriad ways in which language technology is revolutionizing the medical field. Our commitment is to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the complex world of clinical decision support, transforming data into actionable insights and driving the future of healthcare forward.

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Our NLP Technologies For Clinical Decision Support


Auto-suspect diagnosis codes

AI Powered Prospective Risk Adjustment Suspect Analytics Platform. Now leverage NLP and deep learning to suspect diagnosis and recapture chronic conditions. These actionable insights are presented to pre visit team in clinical workflows before a patient-clinician encounter so that clinicians can capture, document and close diagnosis gaps and improve care quality.

value-based care
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Auto-prioritize patient care 

AI Powered Prospective Risk Adjustment Prioritization Tool. Now leverage NLP and deep learning to prioritize members/patients’ for Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs). Gap identification and member stratification help clinicians stay up to date on patient needs and shift the patient-doctor relationship from reactive to proactive

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By integrating NLP, we transform medical data into actionable insights, leading to improved patient outcomes, streamlined workflows, and a stronger foundation for evidence-based medicine. 

Our clinical-decision support solution harnesses the cutting-edge capabilities of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to empower your medical professionals with rapid access to critical information. Whether it’s swiftly analyzing vast amounts of medical literature, extracting insights from patient records, or staying updated with the latest research, our NLP-driven platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance clinical decision-making.

HCC SAGE brings a new dimension to ICD-10-CM code analysis by automating and enhancing the interpretation of clinical documentation. With its advanced language comprehension capabilities, NLP can swiftly and accurately extract relevant medical concepts, conditions, procedures, and other critical data from unstructured clinical text. This process not only accelerates coding workflows but also significantly reduces the risk of errors often associated with manual coding.

Our solution enables healthcare providers, coders, and billers to streamline their operations, ensuring accurate code assignment, improved compliance, and optimized reimbursement processes. By integrating NLP, we bridge the gap between complex medical language and precise code generation, enabling your facility to unlock operational efficiency, minimize revenue leakage, and enhance overall healthcare data quality.

Embrace the future of ICD-10-CM code analysis with NLP, where innovation meets precision and efficiency. Join us in optimizing your coding processes and driving informed decision-making through the power of language technology. Experience the transformative impact of NLP on medical coding and elevate your facility’s capabilities in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.

HCC coding is fundamental for risk stratification and accurate reimbursement in value-based care models. Our HCC Triage NLP solution revolutionizes population health management by automating the identification and analysis of relevant clinical information within patient records. This powerful technology extracts nuanced details, such as chronic conditions and comorbidities, from unstructured clinical data, enabling you to create a comprehensive and accurate risk profile for each patient.

By leveraging the capabilities of NLP-driven HCC triage, healthcare organizations can proactively identify high-risk patients, allocate resources effectively, and tailor interventions based on individual needs. This approach not only enhances patient outcomes but also optimizes resource allocation, leading to improved clinical and financial outcomes.

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