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Introducing the Clinical APIs, a revolutionary platform designed to empower your healthcare system with the tools you need for clinical documentation improvement and informed care decision-making.

Our Healthcare APIs brings together a curated selection of cutting-edge APIs from industry leaders, ensuring that you have easy access to a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you’re seeking to streamline your electronic health record (EHR) systems, enhance coding accuracy, or leverage artificial intelligence for comprehensive clinical understanding, we have the APIs that fit seamlessly into your workflow.

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Medical Data Usage Protection Measures

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SOC 2® Type 2

Securely manage and protect sensitive information, particularly when that information is stored in the cloud.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Guidelines

Ensure the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI) within the APIs.


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Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient data information.

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FAQ’s related to clinical APIs as-a-solution for healthcare workflow settings

API Variety: A healthcare that offers a diverse range of clinical APIs specifically tailored to healthcare needs. 

Security and Compliance: A healthcare follows strict security measures, including data encryption, access controls, and compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA. Patient data security is of utmost importance in healthcare.

Interoperability: A healthcare that supports industry standards for interoperability, such as FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), which facilitates seamless data exchange between different healthcare systems.

Developer Support: Comprehensive documentation, resources, and support for developers integrating the APIs into your systems. This helps ensure a smooth integration process.

Scalability: Can accommodate the growth and evolving needs of your healthcare organization. 

Data Privacy: Strong commitment to data privacy and does not use or share patient data without explicit consent.

Customization: Healthcare organizations have unique requirements. RAAPID’s clinical APIs allow you to customize APIs to suit any-sized healthcare setting  needs.

Accurate Coding: ICD-10 CM codes provide a standardized way to accurately represent diagnoses and medical conditions. Our API that automates this coding process can reduce the chances of human error and ensure consistency in medical coding.

Efficiency: Manual coding can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Using an clinical API can speed up the coding process, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.

Consistency: An API can help maintain consistent coding practices across different healthcare departments or facilities, leading to improved data quality and analytics.

Integration: API integrates with your electronic health record (EHR) system or other healthcare software to streamline the coding process directly within the existing workflow.

Reduced Training: Automated coding can reduce the need for extensive training in complex coding systems, as our clinical API can handle the technical aspects.

Scalability: In larger healthcare organizations or those with high patient volumes, an API can handle a larger number of coding tasks more efficiently than manual coding.

Audit Trail: Using an API can provide an audit trail of the coding decisions made, which can be useful for compliance and quality assurance purposes.

Updated Codes: ICD-10 CM codes are periodically updated. Our clinical API can ensure that your coding is always up to date with the latest code revisions.

An API designed to enhance HCC coding could automate the process of identifying relevant diagnoses and conditions that contribute to risk adjustment. It could analyze patient data, electronic health records (EHRs), and other clinical information to suggest accurate HCC codes.

In addition, the API could offer real-time coding suggestions to healthcare professionals, ensuring that the codes assigned align with the patient’s documented conditions. This can lead to more accurate risk assessment and better financial planning for healthcare 

An API is also focused on enhancing RAF scoring and could assist in calculating and updating RAF scores for individual patients. By analyzing patient data and medical history, the API could help healthcare organizations ensure that RAF scores reflect the patient’s true health status.

The API might offer insights into which diagnoses and conditions contribute most significantly to the RAF score, aiding healthcare professionals in prioritizing care management strategies.

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