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RISE West 2023

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Embark on a Transformational Journey at RISE West 2023: Where Visionaries Unite in Managed Care Excellence

The Premiere Medicare Advantage Senior Leadership Event of the year – RISE West 2023

Picture this: Imagine standing among over 600 senior leaders, each a beacon of knowledge and experience. Together, you uncover strategies that not only optimize revenue but also shield you from the specter of legal action. It’s a collective journey toward excellence, fueled by shared insights and a united purpose.

And as the sun sets on the horizon, RISE West 2023 takes you to a brand-new destination – the Omni PGA Frisco Resort. Nestled in the southwest, just a stone’s throw from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, it’s a sanctuary of luxury that matches the five-star experience RISE is renowned for. The comfort and sophistication of the Omni PGA Frisco Resort become the backdrop to your learning, relaxation, and connection.

So, pack your curiosity and bring your aspirations. Join us on this journey of transformation, where the managed care landscape comes alive with possibilities. Let’s create a story of innovation, camaraderie, and growth at RISE West 2023.

Connect with the President of RAAPID @ RISE West

Chetan Parikh

Chetan Parikh


Key Themes of the RISE West 2023:

  • Compliant Coding and Risk Adjustment Strategy
  • Avoid Provider Abrasion and Burnout
  • Boosting Star Ratings
  • Keeping Up with Tech Trends

Source: RISE West

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