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Conventional Onboarding Best Practices

Tips to ensure a Memorable Employee Onboarding

Your employees are the front line of your company; and word-of-mouth among friends and family.

Treated with proper care, however, pre-boarding stokes excitement builds a solid company/employee relationship, and prepares new employees to thrive. Given its importance in teeing up an excellent first day and beyond, developing a great pre-boarding plan should be a priority. 

Onboarding is one of the fundamental building blocks of successful hiring. Unfortunately, it’s being overlooked and underrated by many organizations. An onboarding process can motivate your new employees to stay loyal, or steer them in the opposite direction.

In this modern age that we are living in, organizations are seen to be increasing their budget more than ever in the acquisition and retention of talent.

The onboarding process is a very important step in integrating recruits and giving them a good start to their career within your company. 

You can enhance your onboarding process by allowing your new hires with a great experience and a successful onboarding by implementing better practices.

A well-planned onboarding program can help you improve the ROI for your organization. In addition, it’s a win-win situation for both your organization and its employees. 

So, let’s take a closer look at the true value of onboarding, what makes for a memorable onboarding experience, as well as what an organization should do to continuously measure, build, and improve its process.

  •  Spread a word about the new employee’s arrival in your organization, and make sure they are given a brief of stakeholders and other key personnel of the organization. This way, they can be confident to approach the correct individuals within your firm whenever required.
  • Before the first day of a new employee, be sure to share the HR guidelines. Having an online portal or an employment application with all the needed information, including work ethics, parking details, break time, growth road map, and other extra perks of the organization will make them feel important and committed from their first day.
  • Introduce your new employees across the organization to make them feel comfortable with the environment and officemates around.
  •  A welcome kit will add to their experience as it will make the new joiners feel happy and motivated.  
  • Brief your new employees about the values, vision, and mission of your organization to ensure they are on the same page. 

Why candidates with a good onboarding experience are more likely to be loyal to the company?

The perks of a warm welcome will be worth more than the time and costs invested in the onboarding process.

A new employee without an onboarding session will be clueless, which in turn, leads to less productivity and performance.

In addition, with no onboarding experience, the turnover rate of new employees will be affected.

New hires with a great onboarding experience are motivated to stay with the company for a long because they will have a better understanding of the company’s culture, feel important, and are connected to their team. This enhances their confidence and improves their overall experience.

The importance of good onboarding processes in the employer branding

A good onboarding process boosts your brand and your company’s image, both internally and externally. The new employee will get familiar with your brand and its values. And the onboarding process is the best way to showcase the company’s positioning as a great place to work and grow, with teams and challenging missions.

This doesn’t just apply to new hires, you need to make sure that all members are considered at all levels, otherwise, you risk building a false “good employer branding”.

Onboarding new hires should involve and encourage them to share their branding to promote discussion, sharing, and diversity.

This impacts your employer branding!

Therefore, a good onboarding will allow new employees feel proud to be a part of your company and spread the good word about their connections.