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From Booth to Boardroom – RAAPID Wrap on RISE National 2024

In humble appreciation, we acknowledge that attending conferences transcends mere networking and product showcases. It’s a profound opportunity to graciously embrace every moment as a chance to make a difference. The recent RISE National 2024 conference provided our team with such an opportunity, and we made sure to make the most of it.

The RISE National Conference, a prestigious gathering in the Medicare Advantage sphere, is renowned for fostering collaboration and innovation. It covers topics like risk adjustment & audit, Care quality, member experience, and social determinants of health. 

In Nashville this year, the event attracted 2,000 Medicare Advantage enthusiasts. 

RISE serves as a catalyst for bringing together stakeholders from health plans, provider organizations, government agencies, consulting firms, service vendors, and community-based organizations. This inclusive approach cultivates a sense of community, where diverse professionals share insights and drive innovation, ultimately enhancing healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Event attendees sought firsthand insights on pressing CMS alterations, including reduced payment rates for 2024, heightened emphasis on risk adjustment, and the finalization of the RADV rule.

Here’s a glimpse into our experience and the valuable insights we gained from the event  

Cherishing The RISE Experience

This year, the event offered participants a chance to witness experts from the DoJ and OIG discuss critical focal points for 2024 in depth. 

Moreover, participants could engage in exciting sessions, offering strategies for handling organizational obstacles and optimizing resource allocation aimed explicitly at healthcare providers. Indeed, the event fosters a collaborative spirit across diverse systems to advance social determinants of health and promote health equity. Nevertheless, the event enriches professional networks by facilitating connections with peers nationwide. 

Our team was happy to witness a sense of community togetherness that echoed in many keynote presentations.

Inspiring Moments

The event hosted many inspiring and informative keynote talks, but one particularly humbling moment for our team was the keynote address from Jeremy Poincenot, an Inspirational Speaker, Performance Coach, and Blind Golf Champion. 

His compelling narrative, enriched with humor and a profound message of inspiration, struck a chord with the audience, providing them with a renewed outlook underlining the significance of interdependence & collaboration.

Key Learnings

Several key themes emerged from our interactions and session attendance. The growing emphasis on audits, particularly OIG audits, highlighted the need for meticulous data submission by health plans. Such insights contributed to the team’s think tank, allowing us to effectively align our offerings with the evolving industry demands.

Moreover, we observed a significant shift in provider attitudes towards adopting technology, particularly prospective pre-visit solutions. Our recent Holon integration announcement garnered considerable interest, showcasing our commitment to innovation and practical solutions for providers.

Business Insights

Looking ahead, our focus extends beyond the conference floor. Leveraging the wisdom of the Risk adjustment community allowed our team to better understand our audience based on their roles and interests. Prior authorization, risk adjustment, provider workflows, and interoperability were critical areas of event discussion.

Many Sessions highlighted vital topics such as emerging health plan offerings, fraud prevention, and RADV products supported with OIG-published HCCs that can be filtered and flagged automatically. 

The OIG’s emphasis on audits and the importance of accurate submissions to CMS grabbed the interest of risk adjustment enthusiasts. We also came across innovative provider-facing solutions facilitating Prospective Previsit summaries addressing quality care gaps and collaborative strategies for VBC success. Discussions on risk adjustment, interoperability, and the future of technology solutions, promising higher accuracy and automation, made our conversations with industry peers very interesting.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, the RISE Nation 2024 conference provided a platform to showcase our offerings, gain valuable insights, and forge meaningful connections. 

Reflecting on our experience, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry.

As we embark on our post-conference initiatives, we carry the lessons learned and the connections made, propelling us toward success and impact in the coming days.


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